Pressure Sand Water Filter

Pressure Sand Water Filter

We bring forth premium Pressure Sand Water Filter for the municipal and industrial sectors across the globe. We are identified as the premier Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Pressure Sand Water Filter from Assam, India. We are backed by technically advanced manufacturing units from where precision-made Water Filter rolls off. We engineer these Filters to remove impurities from the water efficiently.

Features :

  • Space saving design
  • High speed filtration
  • Zero heat loss


Other Details : The method used in this product is an extremely robust method of removing suspended solids from water. The filtration medium of this machine comprises of multiple layer of sand having different size & specific gravity. revent heat loss after the warm or hot lime process.

Other Specifications :

  • Pressure filters may be vertical or horizontal, have cylindrical steel shells and dished heads
  • Flow in pressure filters is downward. Usually sand or anthracite is the filter medium in a bed consisting of either one or two grades of sand or anthracite
  • A gravel bed supports the filter medium, prevents fine sand or anthracite from passing into the under drain system and distributes backwash water
  • Water should be filtered, enters over the top of filter and pass from its bed then they collected at the bottom of filter
  • Suspended matter is strained out of the water and held in the voids between the filtering granules
  • Accumulation load of suspended matter in the bed causes an increasing loss of pressure during the filter run
  • When this loss reaches a predetermined limit, the filter is backwashed upward, discharging the suspended load out to the sewer